Monday, April 27, 2009


An oil painting I've made a while ago.. 


  1. Hi Lilie ! J'aime bien les couleurs mais je préfère ton autre style de peinture ! Toi par exemple ! ! ! ...
    Merci pour tes nombreux commentaires sur mon blog ! Tu es merveilleuse Lilie !
    I like colours well but I prefer your other style of painting! You for instance!!!... Thank you for your numerous comments on my blog! You are marvellous Lilie!

    Bises ! =_=

    jeff lib !

  2. This painting is beautiful ! WOW Lilie Awesome Job!

  3. Goodwork Lilie!!! I wonder why there are more green leaves than red flowers in the vase! :)

  4. I love Poppies like you ! I want a new paint !
    Thankx Lilie !

  5. Wow ! J'ai découvert ton ... new profile and... you're ( sorry Lilie ! ) a very beautiful girl ! Why I say that ? I don't know ? How many miles from Sacramento for to say to you : Thankx !...?
    A bientôt pour découvrir de nouveaux travaux de ta part !

    See you... later... !

  6. Hi!When an artists fingers touch a paper magic happens and it turns into a beautiful piece to be precerved for a life time, the same paper that if was taken by someone else would have been filed or crumpled and thrown away!
    Thanks for spreading the magic on your blog for all of us to get mesmerised:)
    All the very best to you, keep up the great work and get the magic goin!

  7. great work...
    really beautiful..

    keep up the good work :)

  8. your work is awesome! I am so glad i took the time to come by this morning..i am checking out your christianity and buss. website as well the intro,beautiful family..
    Hope you dont mind i placed a link on my blog to your site..i like it!!!!
    if interested in sponsoring a small giveaway on my blog with any of your art i would be honoured ..
    god bless
    alwaysatryin at