Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Art in the Heart

Hi, my name is Lilie and I'm 19 years old. I go to American River College. I like going to school... mostly. I used to take a lot of music and art classes and others (just finished all my general edu classes), but now this semester Im taking 6 classes which are about Graphic Design and next semester Ill be taking all Web Design classes. Later Im hoping to major in Art New Media and have Graphic and Web Design certificates.  I also like to go to church and read Bible. I like to travel and go to ocean and also I like to drive. I really really like when it rains.  Also my favorite website is www.RealCHRISTIANITYandBusiness.com I like to read stuff from there. I have never blogged before but I guess ill start now, I think its pretty cool. Art is in my heart I love to do art stuff and also I like to type on my new laptop that I just bought... I don't have a lot of knowledge about life yet because I'm only 19 but I know one thing for sure that I love art and one day I would like to become an artist or a designer and make some Good art that will influence others. I want to have that as my career because i wanna live my life liking what i do for a living, not hate what i do. I used to like to read a lot, but then i just lost interest in it, so now the only book i read is Bible, and since the beginning of 2009 i haven't missed a day yet. :) It makes life better. :) Yeah...  so thats me.

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